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Soccer Rules – a simple version

Ask the Ref – get referee answers

 Fundamental Soccer,

If you have questions on:
  1. Coaches Check List OR
  2. How to complete coach requirements OR
  3. How to print Game Card OR
  4. How to view your roster or virtual game cards THEN:

Click on the link below


Access FREE Soccer Practice Plans with MOJO!

MOJO is an Official Partner of South Texas Youth Soccer and more than 20 other state soccer associations, as well as FC Barcelona and US Youth Soccer. More importantly, it’s trusted by more than 100,000 coaches who’ve built more than 2 million practices. That’s why we trust them with our official practice plans, too.
You can access the official South Texas Youth Soccer practice plans for free by following these instructions:
  1. Download the MOJO app for free and select Coach A Team to start
  2. Join your local club – tap the Pencil icon next to My Team on the app and search for your organization
  3. On the Practice tab, select the Browse icon > Practice Plans > From My Org
  4. Select the practice plan you want to use
The MOJO team explains how the app works and how to access our practice plans in this brief video.
We expect all of our coaches to use the MOJO app with your teams this season.