The purpose of the BAYSA D&P committee is to interpret the rules of competition and apply them to games and other situations that may occur during the BAYSA season. The BAYSA D&P committee is also responsible for determining issues concerning forfeits, and presiding over hearings on protests and grievances. The D&P committee also rules (within BAYSA) on issues concerning player penalty points and suspensions.

I know we are already going into our second week of games for most teams, but I wanted to provide a list of items that as a coach you will need to know for each game this season.

Lastly, all of us coaches are responsible for the behavior of our players and our parents. If a parent is getting out of hand, the referee may ask you to talk to that parent to calm them down. Please follow the guidance of the referee and help him ensure that the game stays calm and doesn’t escalate out of control. There have been several instances where parents, players, and coaches cause such a scene that police have to be called to the fields. We want everyone to stay safe and enjoy their weekend of soccer. Remember this is youth soccer, and although games are competitive and referees can make bad calls, just remind your team members to stay calm and enjoy the game.

If you have any questions, need clarification, or have an incident at one of your games, please feel free to email me or call/text me at 832-721-0388 .