We only allow club members and active coaches.

    It is a list of e-mail address used by the club to send South Belt Youth Soccer Club related announcements. It also contains copies of past announcements, board minutes, calendar of events and club/team photos and files. All messages are moderated and access is limited to only club members.


    It is maintained by the Yahoo groups automated system and used only for club related events.


    Yes, In every message there is a link to remove yourself from the group. You will be automatically removed and no history of your e-mail address will be kept. If you still have problems you can contact the club president and he can manually remove your address.


    No, you have the option of just getting e-mail but then you miss out on some of the other features such as the calendar and file and photo archives.


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Just enter your complete e-mail address in the space below and click submit and follow the directions. When it asks for why you should be granted access be sure to indicate which team you are associated with or the moderator may deny your access.