Independent Teams Registration


Welcome to the Independent teams Registration Service for the Fall 2018/2019

Please read carefully the following guidelines and register using the link below.

1. All Independent Teams playing with the Dynamo/Dash League (DDL) DIV I, SCL, and D2L must register through participating Clubs.
2. SB Club is providing this registration service as a courtesy to the Independent teams who represent themselves.
3. Independent teams are teams that have their own training facilities, uniforms and system of operation.
4. Independent teams registering with South Belt will have to follow the same Code of Conduct as the SB teams and coaches. Failure to represent themselves apprplietly would impact the SB reputation and would cause sanction of the team and players. Appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
5. Players on each team must register through our Club, link provided below. The Fee is $70.00 per player with Voucher Code;
6. To get the discount voucher, you must contact the registrar (  with the following information:

  1. Team Name, Age/Level of play.
  2. Coaches Names.
  3. Players Names and Birth Dates.
  4. Have the Birth Certificate ready with you for us to verify later.
  5. Statement that you are Independent team with own uniforms and will not be using our fields or needing insurance.

Only then we will send you a Voucher code to reduce the fee for your players registration.
7. Coaching Staff need to register using another link below to be able to get Kid Safe Cards issued.
8. We will then enter the team into the league , provide you with Players Cards, Official Roster and TWO Kid Safe Coaching Cards. Additional Kid Safe cards are $10.00 each.
. We will also create a Team Account with User Name and Password to use to check your team roster and enroll in different events.

For Players Registration Click Here

For Coach Registration Click Here
Instructions on how to do it step by step are located at our web page under Coaches Corner/Volunteer Registration:

For Team Managers Click Here
Instructions on how to do it step by step are located at our web page under Coaches Corner/Volunteer Registration; same as above for coaches.

Once your players are registered, email the SB Registrar at:
SRN2004@SBCGLOBAL.NET  to create and form the team.