May 292015

All Independent teams playing in the STYSA’s Dynamo/Dash League; Super 2, DIV I and SCL must register through one of the participating Clubs providing such service.

If you are INDEPENDENT team and ALREADY Accepted into STYSA’s Dynamo/Dash League (or will be Accepted),  Then:
You must contact the SBYSC registrar via Email:
with the following information:

  1. Team Name, Age/Level of play.
  2. Coaches Names.
  3. Players Names and Birth Dates.
  4. Have the Birth Certificate ready with you for us to verify later.
  5. Statement that you are Independent team with own uniforms and will not be using our fields or needing insurance.

Only then we send you a Voucher code to reduce the fee for your players registration.

Once I get the above information, I will send you the code for all to register.
Once you have the code to share with the parents to register, they can go the following link:
click here. You will be redirected to register as Independent Players.