Team Organization


A team consists of the following functions. Some coaches prefer to do it all and other will encourage parents to take over some of the responsibility.


  • Manage players
  • Coordinate parents
  • Coordinate with other teams (scrimmages, etc.)
  • Schedule and coordinate practices
  • Attend monthly club meetings (alternate, see Team Manager below)

Team Manager

  • Fill out game cards
  • Handle player paperwork
  • Call players on game changes and/or rain-outs
  • Attend monthly club meetings

Assistant Coach (2 preferred)

  • Help with practices
  • Manage players
  • Backup coach for emergencies
  • Attend monthly club meetings (alternate)

Team Parent

  • Fund raiser coordinator
  • Half time & end of games drinks/snacks coordinator
  • Player participation awards/trophy
  • End of year party

Field Manager

  • Coordinate/assist field management team
  • Put up and/or take down game nets
  • Arrange to mow and mark fields

Team Reporter

  • Submit winning game stories to South Belt Leader

Team Referee

  • One or more parents should consider taking and become a certified referee.

Field Maintenance (all parents)

  • Mow game and practice fields
  • Mark game and practice fields
  • General club-wide field maintenance and improvements