Coaches’ Corner


Welcome Coaches

SBYSC would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Fall 2013 season. We appreciate your involvement in youth soccer. We are confident you will make every effort to make a positive impact on the players that participate in this program. We expect our volunteers to be a positive role model for these young individuals at all times, on or off the field. There have been some changes this year that you need to be made aware of. All returning coaches must obtain a coaching license. The system would not allow your name to be listed as the coach without a license.


    – Dates: Sept 10th – TBD
    – Format: Under 10 teams may bring back their fall players
    – U-11 teams will play 8V8
    – U-12 and older Division 2 teams will play 11V11
    – U-12 and older Division 3 teams will play 6V6, roster size 10
    – U-12 and older Division teams who want to play 11V11 will be Scheduled to play with Division 2 teams
    – 6V6 Rules: Teams will use 11 aside rules on an 8V8 size field with 6 players
    – Guest Players: No guest players are allowed during the Fall Season
    – Schedules: Saturday is primary play day
    – There maybe a few Sunday games scheduled
    – Games will be played Sunday afternoons
    – No reschedules
    – Game Location: Most home games will be played at EFL Park. Some games maybe played at BH Park
    – No team pictures will be taken in the spring season
    – We do not have a fundraiser in the spring
    – Teams are expected to help with field preparations, mowing and marking of the fields.
    – There will not be any playoffs in the spring.