Nov 302015

Spring 2016 registration is now open.

Click on the registration tab above to start the registration process.

Returning players must use their existing account. Do not create a new account.

U-9 through U-12 games will conclude by end of April.

U-13 and older will conclude by end of May.

No games will be played during Spring break or Easter.

Oct 272015

U-9 and U-10 Playoffs:

– SB Houston Santos     Finalist          U-10     Boys     Gold

– SB Santos                   Champion      U-10     Girls     Gold

– SB Cougars                 Champion      U-9       Boys     Gold

– SB Falcons                  Champion       U-9       Boys     Silver

– SB Santos                   Champion       U-9       Boys     Bronze


U-11 and up:

– U-11 Boys, Houston Santos               BAYSA and Eastern District Champion   DIV III

– U-11 Girls, SB Lady Hurricanes         BAYSA Champion     DIV II

– U-12 Boys, SB Venados                     BAYSA Champion     DIV II

– U-13 Boys, SB Barcelona                   BAYSA Champion, Eastern District Finalist DIV II

– U-14 Boys, SB Real Madrid                BAYSA   and Eastern District Champion     DIV II


May 292015

If you are INDEPENDENT team and ALREADY Accepted into STYSA’s Dynamo/Dash League (or will be Accepted),  Then:

click here. You will be redirected to more information and to Register into the League.

All Independent teams playing in the STYSA’s Dynamo/Dash League; Super 2, DIV I and SCL must register through one of the participating Clubs providing such service.